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Affiliate Your Practice

How Much Further Can You Go?

Take Your Practice to the Next Level. Affiliate with Great Expressions Dental Centers.
Whether you own one office or twenty, you’ve created a great deal of value. Are you prepared to take your practice into the next phase?

Affiliation Year

Over 15 years of transition success.

When you affiliate with Great Expressions Dental Centers you’ll get paid, upfront, for the equity you’ve already built. And that’s just for starters.

It’s what comes next that makes Great Expressions Dental Centers a truly smart choice. You’ll get paid on your production without worrying about overhead like payroll, rent or maintenance. You’ll also enjoy the rewards of higher insurance reimbursement rates and lower supply costs. You’ll become part of a strong and growing brand without having to invest another penny in your business.

We are a good partner, not just a checkbook. We treat you with respect. We honor the value and trust you have created with your patients and your community. And we have the expertise and experience to close any deal whether you own one office or thirty, no matter how complicated. After all, isn’t it time someone helped to improve your smile?

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Payroll. Human Resources. Procurement. Supervisor. Insurance negotiation. And, oh yeah, dentist. Maybe you don’t mind wearing all of those hats, but if you’d prefer to stay more focused on the dentistry you love, then you can hand all of that other head gear to us.

When you affiliate with Great Expressions Dental Centers, you are free to do the one thing you enjoy most: taking care of your patients.

We Take Care of the Rest.

  • Affordable, industry leading health care benefits for you and your staff
  • Continuing education allowances and in-house training seminars
  • Insurance process support is handled by our experienced team
  • Marketing and TV advertising that reaches patients near your office
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Facility improvements and maintenance

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